Affect Studio is more than just another studio. Our core philosophy has stayed the same since 1998 - to always trust our principles, experience and instincts when generating new creative concepts. We are all about creating work that distinguishes our clients from their competitors. Paying attention to the smallest details is just as important to us as developing complex brand strategies and advertising campaigns.


We believe that media can change the world, one story at a time. We create video content and film production for companies in industries that range from startups, non-profits and small businesses to global consumer brands, travel and entertainment.


We specialize in managing filming locations. We can find the ideal place to shoot as well as provide the necessary equipment and production crew to ensure that everything goes smoothly


With visual effects, we can either create the illusion of magic on screen, or we can use them as a tool to fix mistakes in post-production. Through computer animation, 3D modeling, compositing, and editing, we can turn any idea into reality.


We specialise in video media services including video production, editing and 3D animation to create stunning visual outcomes you can be proud of. Perhaps you have a long list of final edits that need to be made? Or maybe you have some footage that requires special effects? We can make sure the whole process is seamless and smooth. Just bring your ideas.


We are passionate about each project we take on, and want to make sure that your final product is something you'll be extremely proud of. By combining our visual effects expertise, with a keen eye for lighting, color grading and all the other minutiae that go into making a scene perfect, we'll turn your project into something truly memorable.